California Landscape 1
(Collaboration with Chula Vista Parks and Recreation department)
San Diego, California

PVC pipes, Beachballs, Wildfire
Dimensions variable.

In the southern suburbs of San Diego, where the desert, the border patrol, and brand new luxury residential areas all meet in an ever-reduced new frontier, lies an understated but stark grandness. No longer plains, hills and creeks but massive parking lots and wide soaring express routes. Perpetually in a dream like lull, perpetually haunted by what it no longer is and has to become.

Inspired by the shapes and materials that make up these areas, two plastic figures were placed on a park as monuments to the beauty and absurdity of the suburbs, but also as invitations for anyone to explore, break, reform observe or take them.



After the sculpture was left unmonitored, and in the brief span of 10 mins, The parks and Rec department carefully placed it to the side of the dumpsters. After this municipal intervention, the piece was reinstalled in a different configuration. 

In the background, the wildfire known as the Valley fire broke a few miles east, casting a smoke column over the pristine park and the playful sculpture.