(No) Quiero Oro, (No) Quiero Plata
San Francisco, California

Broken car windows, Concrete sidewalk, Found objects, Piñata stick, Two-channel sound composition.

Littered around the city, among the human feces and needles, a scattered sea of diamonds cover the streets. Mesmerizing and shiny, this glimmer is actually the visible scar of a self inflicted wound. The symptom of a city that has suddenly been injected with people and wealth beyond its capacity; We recognize this broken mirror but often fail to see ourselves in its reflection.

What if this violence was not as far and foreign from us as the rejection we feel towards it makes it seem?  Instead, what if it was something which we already enact, perform, enjoy, and actively seek; Be it through the voyeuristic glance with which we stop and stare at the scene of the crime or through our very indifference to it.

I invite you to step in and consider your role in this game of wealth distribution and crime, of violence and passivity.
Will you find pleasure or repulsion? Why not both? Why not take a little something for yourself?

Installed at SFAI for the Fall 2019 BFA thesis group show